iOS developers’ ultimate guide to manage time, signing process and builds.

Developing a mobile application has always been more than writing code. As an iOS developer, you always have to suffer with certificates, provisioning profiles, archiving, releasing a test build and submitting to the store. Personally, I have always faced issues with the code signing process when it came to working with a team. Should I use automatic signing? What should I do when the certificates expire? The app is archiving on my colleagues’ computers but not mine, let me download the certificates all over again. I forgot to update the build number, I should archive again and wait to make…

Guide to managing time, signing process and builds

An important topic to address while developing is the ability to always deliver new features. The bigger the team, the more the features you can produce and the more you need to test features before merging them to your main branch. In order to do proper testing process without taking out of development time, companies rely on a QA Engineer to test and give feedback and deliver builds to different members of the team to test the app as well.

In order to have do the tests, the developer should make sure to manually create the build, share it with…

Tarek Ezzat Abdallah

iOS Developer

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